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Love Couple: Marlon & Kalisha Hanley

Bride’s name: Kalisha Hanley

Bride’s Occupation: Dentist

Groom’s name: Marlon Hanley

Groom’s Occupation: Dentist

Wedding Date & Location: July 10, 2015 Secrets Wild Orchid Resort — Montego Bay, Jamaica

Honeymoon: Montego Bay, St. James Jamaica

Tell us your love story: Groom: We met in the laboratory at the Howard University College of Dentistry. She was fabricating dentures for a patient when I decided to venture over to her and make small talk. From that day forward, I would frequently visit her while she would work to keep her company.

How did he propose? Groom: I began the day taking her to a spa. Later that evening I took her to a restaurant that she had long wanted to go in Washington, DC’s Georgetown Harbor. After dinner, we exited the restaurant to a path of rose petals where I dropped to my knee and asked her to marry me.

When did you know that your partner was the one? Groom: I knew Kalisha was the one when I realized that I had absolutely positively no reservations about being with her. I always wanted to be around her and missed her when she was not in my presence. In addition, the overwhelmingly positive reception from family and friends was just confirmation.
Bride: I realized Marlon was the one when I brought him home to meet my family. He fit in so naturally and effortlessly and everyone loved him!

Why do you want to be included in JET Love? Bride & Groom: We want to be included in JET Love to take part in the rich legacy of Black love and success that has traditionally and continuously been a pillar to the JET community. Being in JET Love and sharing our love story will allow us to send a message of encouragement to any woman or man seeking love or desiring marriage. Uplifting family, sharing hope, and demonstrating love is why we want to be a part of this publication.