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Bride’s Name: Kirby Lloyd

Bride’s Occupation: Internal Auditor

Groom’s Name: Vernon Lloyd Jr.

Groom’s Occupation: Quality Assurance Specialist

Wedding Date & Location: September 5, 2015 — Italian Community Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Honeymoon: Akumal, Mexico

Tell us your love story: Bride&Groom: We met at a Young Professional’s First Friday event in Chicago, IL. Vernon wasn’t supposed to come to the event, but his friends talked him into coming. I was already there hanging out with his friends. We met and I was thinking he’s too cute. All of us started hanging out. After a few months of hanging out as friends, we finally broke out of our shells and said something to each other and began dating.


When did you know that your partner was the one? Bride: I knew Vernon was the one because I never met someone who supported me in everything I do. He always gave me encouraging words and always was my # 1 supporter. I never had that before. If it wasn’t for Vernon, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Groom: I knew she was the one within the first year of courting her, she had every quality that I looked for in a woman and prayed for. I can recall telling my close friends I am going to marry this woman, I can feel it. Most important we supported each other in every way and we were always cheering in each other’s corner even at times when others were booing.

How did he propose? Bride: Vernon proposed at my going away party. I was preparing to move to Dallas and I had a party to celebrate with my family and close friends. It was towards the end of the party and they saved his speech for last. He talked about him transferring his job to Dallas. Then he started telling a story about how he took my mom out for dinner without me knowing. He then went into detail as to what was discussed. Next he talked to my godmother and received both of their blessings. He said he needed one more yes and he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. And I said YES!!!

What’s the key to the success of your relationship? Bride: The key to our success would have to be communication. We talk things out.

Groom: The key to the success of our relationship is always putting God first in our marriage, and keeping an open line of communication to talk things out so that we are always on the same page.

Why do you want to be included in JET love? Bride: Growing up I always read the JET Love section and always imagine myself appearing in this section one day. I LOVE black love and I love how JET takes the time to display it.