JET LoveWeddings

LOVE COUPLE: Joshua and Ashely Smith

Bride’s Name: Ashely Smith

Bride’s Occupation: Teacher

Groom’s Name: Joshua Smith

Groom’s Occupation: MBA Student

Wedding Date & Location: July 24, 2015 — Magnolia Room, Rock Hill, South Carolina

Honeymoon: Charleston, South Carolina

Tell us your love story: Groom: We first met in high school in 2003. We were friends in high school, but had lost touch with each other after graduation. During our sophomore year in college, I at NC State and Ashely at Fayetteville State, we reconnected and discovered a great chemistry between us. What started as a casual friendship became so much more, and we officially started dating that summer of 2008.


How did he propose? Groom: I set up a surprise visit to reunite Ashely with her friend Maria, who she had not seen in over 13 years, for our fifth-year anniversary. Maria lived in NYC, so I had to plan a surprise flight to NYC. After a lovely dinner at Thalia restaurant, I took Ashely to the TKTS booth and showed her a happy anniversary video that I had all of our friends send in for her. After watching the compilation, I dropped down to one knee to ask her to marry me! It was clearly overwhelming for her, aside from Time Square’s lights, but I could see the excitement in her face!

What’s the key to the success of your relationship? Groom: Communication. We’ve dealt with our disagreements in the past, but what has helped us last this long is honesty and communication. Ashely is an honest soul, and I am one that likes to talk. Using those skills together, we allow both of us to voice our honest expectations and really hear the other person’s heart. Trusting each other and respecting each other helps in keeping our communication open and effective.

Why do you want to be included in JET love? Bride: We just want to be an example to others, whether Black or any other ethnicity. We know young love is hard and often short-lived. But does that mean that every relationship should end? No. We want to use JET to display what prayer, love, and trust in God has done for our relationship. If we can inspire just one couple, that is an accomplishment in our eyes!