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Love Couple: Jammal & Megan Lee


Bride’s name: Megan Lee

Bride’s Occupation: Social Worker

Groom’s name: Jammal Lee

Groom’s Occupation: Fitness Coordinator

Wedding Date & Location: July 11, 2015 Circle P Reception Hall — Findlay, Ohio

Honeymoon: Bucyrus, Ohio

Tell us your love story: Bride: Jammal and I first interacted via Facebook and at the time, he was living in Toledo, Ohio and I was commuting from Mansfield, Ohio to the University of Toledo to complete my Master’s in Social Work. After months of developing the foundation of our friendship via telephone and internet, we decided to meet in person at a local workout facility. Only knowing Jammal from our distant interactions, I asked a few of my friends to tag along to serve as an excuse for escape if necessary. Although the purpose of our meeting was for us to work out together, we spent (what felt like) hours talking about our ambitions, interests and sharing laughter with one another. That evening Jammal insisted that he accompany my friends and I for dinner, karaoke and games of Taboo and from that moment forward we have been inseparable.

How did he propose? Bride: Jammal and I like to go on dates and one of our first dates was at the Toledo Museum. When Jammal made a request one weekend for us to get dressed up and go out for the weekend, his behaviors did not appear peculiar. Although I began to search for activities and events taking place the weekend of June 27, 2014, his intent was to attend the museum unbeknownst to me. Following my search, I naively provided Jammal with three options and one included attending a free tour at the Toledo Museum. The next day, while completing the tour, I observed that Jammal was anxiously checking his phone and appeared preoccupied, which I paid little attention to. After the tour concluded, Jammal suggested that we walk across the street to the glass pavilion. I agreed and we headed towards the front entrance of the museum. As we were walking out, I admired the softly lit candles strategically placed along the museums center staircase and the music streaming from the saxophonist in the background. It wasn’t until Jammal’s father appeared holding a camera that things began to click for me. That was when Jammal got down on one knee and made the proposal that would solidify our commitment to one another.

When did you know that your partner was the one? Bride: Jammal has said that he recognized almost immediately that we were going to be married. I acknowledged that Jammal had great qualities, but on the other hand, was not instantaneously convinced about marrying him. It was not until approximately two years into our relationship that I began taking our conversations about marriage more seriously. Subconsciously, my future plans began to include the idea of Jammal being a part of them. I cannot identify a specific “magical” experience or event that occurred for me to reach this realization, but I know there came a point in time that I did not see my future without him being in it.