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Love Couple: André and Curly Foster


Bride’s Name: Curly Oden

Bride’s Occupation: Administrative Assistant

Groom’s name: André Foster

Groom’s Occupation: Entrepreneur

Wedding Date & Location: Sept. 21, 2013 in Queen Creek, Ariz.

Honeymoon: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Tell us your love story: 

Bride: We met at college during our freshman year in the fall of 1996 through a mutual friend who is from Ohio like us. (I’m from Cleveland and André is from Dayton.) After two years, André and I broke up and went our separate ways, but I never forgot about him. Then, in 2007, I ran into his best friend. At that point, André and I were both single and living in different cities. We started communicating again and we realized that we worked well together…we were a team. My husband and I are both committed to a successful relationship and understand that every day is a part of that process. It’s never win or lose; everything is done for the betterment of us.

How did he propose?

Bride: After coming home from a Christmas Eve party in 2012, we decided to relax on the couch and watch TV. In the middle of talking about something, he surprised me by getting down on one knee. My engagement ring is a blue diamond that André picked out. (He also designed the setting and my wedding bands.)

When did you know that your partner was the one?

Bride: Honestly, when I ran into André’s best friend I thought, “God, is this a sign?” I knew from that first conversation with André after all those years that we would be together forever.

Groom: Our first road trip together was to North Carolina in 2008. We went sightseeing, visited restaurants and the beach. Curly is thoughtful and caring. She had planned most of the trip and I found out she was also just as adventurous and spontaneous as me. Curly knows how to have fun.

Why do you want to be included in JET Love?

Bride and Groom: JET Love is about love stories, and we are definitely a love story.