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Love & Other Things With A Millionaire Matchmaker

Candace Smith is the newest matchmaker on Bravo’s hit TV Show, “Millionaire Matchmaker.” While her job on television is to make love connections, Candace’s versatility lends to her success across the board in media and entertainment.

As one who believes in living outside the limits, Candace not only is a millionaire matchmaker, but a lawyer, former beauty queen, and actress as well. JET sat down for a conversation with Candace about the importance of taking chances, education, and being true to yourself.

JET: How’d you get your start?

Candace Smith: In high school I was matching people casually, and was pretty good at it. In college, I studied psychology and communication. I’ve always wanted to enhance people’s lives personally and professionally. Then after college, I always matched friends in my different social circles.

JET: What made you decide to make this a profession?

Candace Smith: Like I said I had always been great at matchmaking, so when an opening came up at the Millionaire’s Club last year, I figured I’d take a shot at it. One of the first couples I ever matched has been married for 10 years, and many other couples I’ve connected are still together. I thought [to myself,] “I could definitely do this job!”

JET: Why should people be open to allowing others to set them up?

Candace Smith: We are professionals. A matchmaker can take so many things into consideration that your friends won’t think of in a casual scenario. We look beyond aesthetics. Professionals go deeper than the surface to find a true match.  I look at everything from whether you’re a middle child, your zodiac sign, religious background, and your goals when I’m looking for your match. Friends and family don’t take that into consideration.

True comparability comes from being compatible on multiple levels. I think a lot of people don’t anticipate how much of themselves they need to reveal. It’s not about your perfect dream girl or boy- I look into who my client is and what person may be able to respond well to them and interact well with them. I need to know them in and out. Everyone has their idiosyncrasies.

JET: You were crowned Miss Ohio in 2003. What are your thoughts on today’s beauty standards?

Candace Smith: I think nowadays pageants and beauty contests are getting such a bad rep because the sense of true support and empowerment has gone away. There should be support, not pressure to look a certain way, be a certain weight, height, all of that. You should be encouraged to be healthy, smart, and competitive. I think support has been replaced with pressure and that’s why I think pageants are getting a bad rep.

JET: You also act a bit. What has that experience been like for you?

Candace Smith: The pageant opened a lot of acting and commercial doors for me. Most recently, I filmed a lead role in a movie that’s an independent, gritty film! It’s a lot of action and gives me a real opportunity to show some of my layers. It’s called My Father, Die and it’s written and directed by Sean Brosnan and produced by Pierce Brosnan. I’m really excited for everyone to see it and to see my versatility.

JET: You’re highly educated. How do you encourage youth to want to seek an education?

Candace Smith: My advice would be that your plan should cater to you specifically. America is at a crossroads when it comes to the significance of education. I think education has been stressed to the point that people believe they should be in school no matter what it is they want to do. I think people should really take the time to ponder their future and find the career they truly want to have and then see what it takes to get there. People have degrees they don’t need to acquire things they don’t want. Take some time. Take the time you need to discover what you’re passionate about. Take a year and find your passion. Make a plan. Strategize. Create a plan that caters to you. Another instance where you should block everyone out and take time to envision your life.I didn’t apply my education traditionally, but all just came together!

JET: What can we expect in the coming seasons of “Millionaire Matchmaker?”

Candace Smith: This past season has been special because it was an all celebrity season and one of the highest rated in the history in the show! It feels good to be a part of a show where the fans instantly embraced me! Everyone was so receptive and supportive and it means so much to me! I think these next few seasons will be cool because they’re more diverse and a truer reflection of America. It’s been a beautiful rainbow season! It’s great to have a fan base that embraces the new direction. It sets an amazing precedent.