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Keeping it 140: Write a Love Letter

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JET is the home of Black love.

One need only look at the beautiful couples in our storied wedding and anniversary section to know that much.

And while I, the sometime skewerer (yes, I made that word up) of online foolery, typically stay out of the relationship advice area, I would like to take a moment to share an observation.

In these times, when it is ever so easy to send an e-mail or text, might I suggest that you occasionally type up (or dare I say, write out) a letter of love or affection to someone in your life?

I say this having recently received an influx of electronic missives where a phone call would have been better.  And then, it occurred to me, a beautiful letter on some creamy, parchment stationery would have been THE BEST.

Just some food for thought.  Sending these “WYD,” “LOL,” “bae”-filled missives may feel new, but it’s getting old.


Your turn: When is the last time you wrote or sent a letter?  Let me know in comments.  Or if you want, mail it in.  🙂

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