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Love Couple: Patrice and Andre Winston

Bride’s Name: Patrice Winston

Bride’s Occupation: Marketing and Communications

Groom’s Name: Andre Winston

Groom’s Occupation: Police Officer

Wedding Date & Location: October 2, 2015—Army Navy Country Club—Arlington, VA

Honeymoon: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Tell us your love story: Bride: We met at a college party in Richmond, Virgina. I was attending Virginia Commonwealth University and he was attending Virginia Union University. Groom: Patrice and I met while in college in a line to get into a party. She got my attention by saying that I have cute dimples, which I knew I didn’t, but I was happy to take the compliment! We exchanged numbers while still waiting to get into the club and I called her the next day.


When did you know that your partner was the one? Bride: I knew in 2014 (yes it took me awhile to know haha) after I went through some health issues. He was there the entire time. Groom: I knew Patrice was the one for me when I got really sick a week into our relationship. She put a lot of time and effort into ensuring I was nursed back to health.

How did he propose? Bride: It was a cold, cold day in January and he was acting so weird and randomly wanted to stop by my mom’s house, which I was okay with because I needed to pick something up. I went in the back to pick up something and I got my late birthday gift. A pair of Christian Louboutins! As I was jumping in excitement, I decided to turn around and say thank you. And there he was on one knee. Groom: I intentionally planned on proposing on her birthday. There was a snow storm that caused her birthday gifts to be delayed. When her gifts came in, I went about it extremely casually. She has always said she wanted a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. I gave her a bouquet of flowers, which she loved and then gave her the shoes. When she saw the shoes, she lost it and began to run around the living room with one of the shoes on. At that time, she didn’t realize that I was actually down on one knee, and she began to cry and said, “Yes!”

What’s the key to the success of your relationship? Bride: Having an amazing relationship with God. The way God loves us is a perfect model on how you should love your spouse. Groom: Communication, love and respect are the three things that come to mind. We have to communicate with each other. We have to also love and respect each other.

Why do you want to be included in JET love? Bride: Because it’s JET! For so many years I have looked through this magazine to get ideas for my wedding. And I love Black love! Groom: Growing up, I would always see other couples who had recently been married and were featured in the JET love section. Seeing the stories in this section as a child and teenager gave me a different perspective on relationships, love, and marriage. It wasn’t until my wife brought up the idea of entering for a chance to be included in JET love that I recalled these memories and thought what a great opportunity this could be to inspire youth to strive for marriage and do things the right way.