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Love Couple: Jerri and Deonte Scott

Bride’s Name: Jerri McInnis-Scott

Bride’s Occupation: HR Recruiter

Groom’s Name: Deonte Scott

Groom’s Occupation: HR Professional

Wedding Date and Location: June 26, 2016 — Houston, TX


Tell us your love story: Groom: I saw Jerri at a mutual friend’s birthday party. I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself to her at the party, but when the pictures were posted on Facebook I connected with her there. It took about eight months before we would even meet up and exchange numbers. We started dating about a year after meeting each other.

When did you know that your partner was the one? Groom: I knew she was the one because when we started dating I had lost my job and she didn’t stop that from allowing her to get to know me. Bride: I knew he was the one when I realized whenever we had an issue I didn’t think about running away or leaving. He challenged me to discuss my emotions and feelings and I’ve never done that before.

What was your most memorable moment from your wedding day? Groom: The most memorable moment for me was seeing her come down the aisle with her dad. I couldn’t believe I was shedding tears in front of all of those people. She was so beautiful. Also dancing with my mom, she buried her face in my chest because she was emotional and crying. Bride: My most memorable moment was coming down the aisle and seeing him look at me while he was shedding tears. I will never forget that moment. Also dancing with my dad, it was a very emotional moment for me.

What’s the key to success in your relationship? Both: Communication. We talk about everything that may be an issue for us. We want to make sure we are both on the same page at all times and that we are open and honest with each other.

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