JET Love

The Truth Behind Love, Sex and Videotape

Time and time again, women are either consenting to or unknowingly being filmed while having sex for the world to see.  What used to be a shock to our society, is now becoming more of a norm.

Recently, a clip of who many believe to be social media celebrity and now The Westbrooks breakout star, India Love, has leaked and is widely being discussed. Although Love’s face isn’t shown in the footage, her infamous “LA” tattoo located on her bottom is.

And apparently, this is not the first time that Love’s sexcapades have been put on blast.

There are multiple reasons why situations like this occur: a lack of trust, spitefulness and/or just plain ol’ disregard for one’s privacy. This situation, along with others that are frequently discussed in the media, led me to think about why women’s bedroom antics are usually exposed and sex tapes get leaked. Here are three tips to avoid being the next social media sex tape scandal because honestly, it can happen to anyone.

1) Realize there is no such thing as 100% privacy.

While you may think that intimate moment is just between you and your partner, that might not be the case. Just because you didn’t see any cameras or signs that you were being recorded does not mean in the least bit that it didn’t happen. People do hide cameras. Initially, the recording may not have been made to be used against you, but it could now be the main source of spitefulness from an ex significant other. Also, in this day and age where screenshots, secret recording apps and other means of technology are plentiful, there just isn’t a such this as “between you and me.”

2) Watch the company you keep.

One of the most important things I learned is that everyone that enters your life is not your friend. If you notice that your business is constantly being talked about or even worse, put on social media, think about the people who are in your circle. Everyone does not have your best interest at heart, so watch out for people that want to bring you down in order to uplift themselves. I get it. We all have certain friends that we tell things to, especially when it comes to our relationships. But if you are with someone and you find that your business keeps getting leaked, it’s time to evaluate your worth to that individual, because something isn’t right.

3) Don’t record yourself having sex. If you do, consider this.

Last, but certainly not least: if you don’t trust your partner 300%, then it’s probably not the best idea for you to partake in recording your sexual activities. Even with trust, slip ups do happen. With the wave of social media, your life can change in less than a second with just the click of a button. The unfortunate thing about this is that once something is on the Internet, it never goes away. Especially with the screenshot option, which virtually everyone has now. In the event that you do decide to record yourself having sex, make sure that YOU keep the footage. Don’t let him or her have it, because one day they can get mad and boom, it’s all over Media Take Out and The Shade Room.

The next time someone’s sex tape gets leaked, be mindful of what you say. One false move can land you in the same situation.


Teryn Payne is an Editorial Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief. She’s obsessed with style, nail polish and all things olive. Follow her on Twitter @Teryn_Denice.