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How to Find Cyber Love

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Don’t lose hope over not finding your soul mate. It might be your methods, and not you, preventing a connection with that special someone. Love expert Paul Carrick Brunson offers five tips on how to safely upgrade your dating techniques for our high-tech world.

1. About Face

An attractive avatar can be misleading. The cute picture that you’re looking at online might not be the same in person. Brunson suggests using a video chat platform such as FaceTime or Skype, before catching feelings, to see who’s the real deal.

2. Just Click

Prowling singles bars and networking events to find a compatible date is so passe. “Try social discovery sites like Meetup and Tagged to connect face to face with more relationship prospects,” Brunson advises.

3. Numbers Game

While dialing from a friend’s home or making calls using *67 to keep your digits unknown used to be the norm, you can now set up a non-public number via Google Voice to maintain your privacy, the love doctor informs.

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