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GoFundMe: If You Can’t Afford A Ring…

Update: The GoFundMe page has since been removed.


First let me start off by saying that I, by no means, am materialistic. I am also one of thee most low maintenance people that you will ever meet.

But some things just should not be done. And soliciting funds via a GoFundMe page for an engagement ring is one of them.

But that’s what one self-proclaimed player did on Sunday. A man, identified as Ken Mack, took to the popular crowd-funding website in hopes of raising $5,000 for an engagement ring. Peep the page description below.

“I meet a beautiful young lady and I feel if I don’t make her an honest women and wife here quick she may not become whole so I’m asking for help with an ENGAGEMENT RING.

Yours truly,

Former Playa that’s hanging up his player shoes.”

Okay, never mind the typos and the fact that he believes that “she might not become whole” if he doesn’t marry her. Some would argue that not being able to afford a wedding ring is a surefire sign that you yourself are not as “whole” as you may think. But I’ll let that slide.

My first thought is that if you cannot afford a ring, then you should not be getting married. But honestly, poor people get married all of the time. They just don’t beg others to finance their jewels.

So far, Mr. Mack’s campaign has garnered a whooping $20 and a whole lot of comments–mostly criticizing his campaign:

*Kena Phillips

Go stand in the corner!!!! #permanentTimeOut
*TheLady Apryle
 Where as I congratulate you on finding that one person you want to commit your life to, I am baffled and more than a little concerned, for all the obvious reasons.
*Tonya Michelle Davis
Dude stop playin…
*Dan Edgell
You’re not hanging up your player shoes – you’re just tryna play US.
While I won’t be donating to Mr. Mack’s campaign, I do have some suggestions. Buy a ring that you can afford or get creative. There are actually quite a few nice wooden engagement rings out there. Love is not about how large a diamond you present your lady with, but the lifelong bond that everyone entering a marriage should seek to create.
Either way, do not solicit the public for something that you should be able to afford yourself.
Rumor is that this might be a joke. If it is, it’s a pretty bad one.
And I thought the GoFundMe meant to save this jealous boyfriend’s relationship was ridiculous.