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Dorothy & John Young

Dorothy & John Young

62nd Wedding Anniversary

Home: Houston, Texas

What do you love about your spouse?

“Dorothy is an excellent wife and mother, a great cook and always puts her family’s needs before her own,” John shares.

What legacy do you hope your marriage will leave?

“We hope that we have been positive role models to our children and future generations,” says Dorothy.

Why did you want to be in JET Love?

“To share the joy of our marriage that’s lasted because of our constant faith and true testimony of commitment to each other,” Dorothy explains.

He knew he was in love when…

The jokes she made weren’t funny, but he laughed anyway. After 60 years of being love-struck, her jokes are still not funny and he still laughs.

She knew she was in love when…

She would sit in her high school classes and daydream about him and write his name all over her notebook paper.

In about 10 years we will…

Still be happily married and celebrating our 70th wedding anniversary with a most glamorous banquet and songfest displaying a splendor of sparkle, glitter and glitz.

Before the groom got married, he wishes someone had told him…

That a lasting union will take more love, patience and sacrifice than he will ever imagine.

Before the bride got married, she wishes someone had told her…

That when you cook for a Cajun man, you need to use a lot more spices.

Our favorite activity to do together is…

Peddling around in the flower garden while she makes sure her birdhouses have plenty of food and water and then watch the different kinds of birds that come to eat and drink.

Our favorite place to spend time together is…

Taking a stroll along the Kemah Boardwalk and watching the sail boats coming in and out of the bay as the sun glistens on the water.

Our song is…

“Amazing Grace” by Aretha Franklin. When we were younger, we loved to sing this song. As we got older, experienced life and became wiser, we began to truly understand the meaning of these words. When we listen to the words of God’s grace, we can’t help but consider this our “love” song.

Our perfect date night is…

Watching the “Wheel of Fortune” on Friday nights, while eating popcorn and trying to solve the puzzles before the other one. He always solves more puzzles than she does. However, she thinks they solve about the same amount.