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Dee & Michael Williams

Celebrating Their 30th Wedding Anniversary

Home: Oakland, CA

Is there anything you wish you had known before tying the knot?

“That when you get married you have to kiss more than when you were dating,” Dee shares.

What advice would you give younger couples?

“Love is a mandatory foundation, but won’t suffice by itself,” says Michael. “Marriage isn’t effortless, you have to put in work. It’s easy to quit.”

What is key to the success of your marriage?

“Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ pick your battles and laugh a lot!” offers Dee. “After all these years he’s still my best friend.”

He knew he was in love when…

After three years dating, he decided to break up with her because it was getting “too serious.” He only lasted a month away because he missed her terribly. He came running back: “She’s the one!”

She knew she was in love when…

My heart skipped a beat.

In 10 years we will…

Have new dreams and goals to pursue together, like more traveling.

Before the groom got married, he wishes someone had told him…

You’ll fall in love all over again a few times.

Our favorite activity to do together is…

Riding bikes together, walking on the beach and food truck outings.

Our nicknames for each other are…

She calls him “My Mister” because it sounded more permanent than “boyfriend” and she knew she was going to make him “My Mister.”  She also calls him “Babe” because it’s a term of endearment.

He calls her “The Mrs.” because he’s done so since they were first married (in response to her calling him “My Mister”) and she graduated to taking the name away from his Datsun 240Z who was first dubbed “The Mrs.” He also calls her “Chick,” which came from “Chick-A-Dee” since to most of the world she is “Dee.”

Our favorite place to spend time together is…

We are still on an adventure to find that magical place to call “ours” but the journey to find “our place” has been a lot of fun.

Our song is…

“How Do You Keep The Music Playing?” by James Ingram and Patti Austin.

Our perfect date night is…

Definitely going to include good food, and yes, dessert is a must. We discuss our dreams and goals and it’s a great way to stay connected.


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