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Love Advice: 10 Men Women Can’t Stand

Men have it made up in their minds that women are simply impossible to please. But what many fail to realize is that women are really longing for one thing, and that’s balance.

We want a man who knows when to offset his assertiveness with softness. We want a man who can not only stimulate us intellectually, but make us laugh to the point of tears. Is it too much to ask for “Prince Charming” to role act like the bad guy in the bedroom? In a dream world, we could all build our ideal mate. In the real world, we actively go after what is pleasing and avoid what is not. Want to know if you are the type of men who women steer clear of? Reference the below list.

1) The Mama’s Boy

Don’t get us wrong, we love a man who honors and respects his mother. Nothing makes us say, “Awww” like watching a man take care of the woman who birthed him. In our minds, the same adoration he extends to his loved ones will naturally be offered to us. The complication sets in when a man is unable to set clear boundaries for his mother. We don’t want to feel like we’re in a love triangle with your momma. If your mother knows there is a problem in your relationship before your woman does, or she offers her opinion even when it’s unsolicited and has full dominion over your home, division between you and your woman is inevitable.

Solution: When you decide to share your life with someone, you cannot expect her to fill your mother’s shoes and you cannot allow your mother to trample over your spouse’s feelings and disrespect her position in your life.

2) Daycare Duty

No woman wants a man who she holds in the same regard as a child. If she evaluates your situations and determines you are a man who will bring very little true value to her life, she will turn away. If she is in a relationship with you and you are leaving her to take care of everything on her own, she has most likely already begun to plan her exit.

Solution: I have no advice for lazy men. You are the reason why some women have a work boyfriend. Chances are he’s waiting in the cut until she decides to get rid of your useless self so he can move in for the kill.

3) The Complainer

We have a rather strong distaste for bitter men. While we can lend unlimited empathy for hard times, no woman wants to be with a man whose anger keeps her walking on eggshells. If your spirit is polluted by your negative attitude and nasty disposition, don’t be surprised by how difficult it is to keep the interest of women.

Solution: Get you some happy!

4) The Smotherer

Attentive is sexy; clingy is not. As much as men pride themselves on loving the chase, women don’t mind a man playing a little hard to get as well. Give us time and space to miss you. If you’re breathing down our throats 24/7, blowing up our text messages, and calling excessively, chances are she will begin to distance herself from you.

Solution: Stop walking yourself into the friend zone. Learn how to play in cool and let her come to you.

5) Mr. Super Serious

There is nothing sexier than a person who can make you think. Women love deep intellectual conversations, just not all day, everyday. A great book recommendation is a turn on. Being insightful enough to put her on to new documentaries or old literature is a plus, but trust that there will come a point when your woman will want to enjoy simple pleasantries and the joy of your company, without feeling like she is auditioning for Jeopardy.

Solution: Pause the philosophical dialogue, pop in a comedy, and let her laugh her concerns away.

5) The Immature One

The complete opposite end of the spectrum than the super serious guy is the immature one, both can be equally annoying. If you are a clown, she may find your sense of humor to be delightful and fun, but after a while, the constant joking with no substance get old. When a woman chooses to seriously date, she will do so with the intentions of finding someone who she can build with. If she can’t get you to stop being childish long enough to have real conversations she will begin to question if you will be capable of handling business when necessary.

Solution: Grow up a little!

6) The Unfaithful One

We can’t stand this dude. Lying and cheating go hand in hand and most unfaithful men aren’t good at either.

Solution: Cue Tank, “Maybe I Deserve.”

7) The “Yes” Man

If we can step all over you, we don’t want you. We don’t want a man who we can walk on a leash. The moment a woman realizes she can push you around, she will, and lose all respect for you in the process.

Solution: Get a backbone. Don’t be correct your woman when she is in the wrong.

8) The Non-deliverer

PSA: Never brag on your bedroom skills. Nothing frustrates a woman more than men who over-promise and under-deliver. We would prefer for you to be mediocre in the bed and require some work than for you toembellish your skills only to find out they are garbage.

Solution: Be humble and resist the temptation to sing your own praises. Instead, make us wait in anticipation. That way if it’s exceptional, we will be pleasantly surprised. If it’s not, we won’t be as irritated.

9) The Thirsty Dude

Nothing turns a woman off like a man who tries to rush past getting to know her and head straight to the bedroom. If you’re this guy, more than likely you start conversations with “send me a picture” or you believe one date gives you the right to push up on her at the end of the night.

Solution: If this is you, we’ve already concluded that you are not interested in genuinely getting to know us and if you are, you’re thirsty behavior has ruined it for you.

10) Cocky Ass

There are many men who mistake arrogance for confidence. There is a huge difference. Nothing makes a woman squirm like a composed man who is sure of himself. On the other hand, we despise arrogant men who have to gossip and tear other men down in order to feel sufficient.

Solution: Real men do not have to always pound on his chest and declare his masculinity, confident men just are.

Jazz Keyes is a community activist, poetess and a nationally certified Life Purpose and Career Coach. She has devoted a great deal of her time and energy on mastering the art of communication in order to create healthy, dynamic, long-lasting relationships. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @jazzkeyes.