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For Shame: Woman ‘Fesses Up to Using Dates for Free Food

New York fashion blogger Brittny Pierre is not ashamed to admit that she has entertained dozens of men to get a free meal.

In a piece published on XOJane this week, the Village Voice Media and hip hop writer laid it all out in the open.

“I decided that I couldn’t afford to limit myself to guys I actually wanted to date, I just had to go full throttle and just see who was willing to take me out,” wrote Pierre. “A meal is a meal.”

This woman is messing it up for all of us! First of all, it’s very rude to just use men for free meals. That’s why they are trying to Netflix and Chill us all of the damn time now!

I digress.

Pierre says it all started two years ago when she arrived in NYC as a broke recent college grad. She interned with Vibe Magazine, but her income was lacking.

At the advice of a friend, Pierre signed up for OKCupid to get into the dating scene. Her membership inspired her to pretty much leech off of dudes for free food.

“I decided I would use OKCupid and Craigslist (yes, even scary ol’ Craiglist) so I could have dinner three times a week without opening my wallet because let’s face it, there wasn’t anything in my wallet to begin with,” she admitted.

By October 2011, Pierre was struggling to keep track of all of the men she’d gone out with in the name of a free meal.

“It was quickly turning into a full-time job with benefits of steak dinner and crème brulee desserts,” she wrote.

Yal. This woman!

“To find my victims, I would chitchat with each possible suitor and then hope they’d offer to take me out, which 9 out of 10 times they would,” Pierre details. “I would pick a restaurant I wanted to try out in the city and then it was on.”

To pen an op-ed about your trifling behavior shows a lack of respect for not just the men that she has used, but men who actually believe in courting a woman.

But at least she’s honest right?

Men, if you’re reading this, all women are not like this. Some of us actually enjoy getting to know people – whether it comes with food or not – and realize that we probably shouldn’t be dating if we can’t afford our own meals.

Just sayin.’ But shout out to Brittny Pierre for letting the world know that she’s a user. The “good” thing is that Ms. Pierre no longer uses men for meals, and exclusively uses dating sites to well…actually date and find a mate.

But she probably should’ve taken this one to the grave.