JET Love

4 Ways to Make Your Crush #Bae

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Closed mouths don’t get fed,” and when you apply the saying to love, chances are you can count several instances where the one who spoke up got the guy or girl of their choice.

Though you can lean on being “too shy,” not going for the one you want won’t make him or her yours. Hell, going for the one you want won’t guarantee that he or she will be yours, but at least you tried, right? Here are four solid tips to turn your crush into bae.

1) Understand that you’re the prize.

Look, nobody wants someone who comes off as shy, desperate or having issues with their self-esteem. Once you understand what you can bring to the table, you’ll be less inclined to feel afraid of rejection.

2) See if they are even worth pursuing.

You can be feeling someone all day, but that doesn’t mean they’re worth a dime. Sure, he or she can be fine as hell, but if they’re a liar, cheater, lack ambition … you get the point; then what good will it do for you to get with them? Just sayin.’

3) Find a common point of interest.

The most successful relationships are between two people who have something in common. No, your equally good looks will not be enough, but your love for fashion and looking damn good might be a nice entry point for conversation.

4) Make your move!

If you have a crush on someone, that usually means that you have learned a thing or two about them. Usually. Use what you know about them to gauge whether they respond well to more direct forms of communication or if you have to subtly get close to them. Either way, be very bold in your pursuit because time waits for no one and neither should you.

Will you get every crush with these tips? Nah, and if we’re being honest, you probably don’t need to either. Some folks serve a better purpose in our lives when they’re nothing more than a few fantasies. But doing absolutely nothing will ensure one thing: You flying solo.