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Create Love Before You Make It

No matter the age, gender, or profession, everyone yearns for intimate affection and pleasure from someone they desire.

There is much truth to the adolescent-friendly saying, “Wait while you date until you are mates.”  Rhyme brings these words together, but experience is what makes the concept significant.

If sexual intimacy is your sole purpose, then that is a personal choice and by all means fulfill your goal.   If you hope to gain more meaning and longevity in the relationship, then there should be no immediate rush for sex.  Learn the person’s motto on life. Understand the way he or she thinks. Probe their mind for hidden thoughts and simply enjoy what they have to offer above the covers.  After you have investigated and, in return, reciprocated all of the above with him or her, start making decisions and analyze the situation.

Intimate situations should neither be planned nor controlled, but allowed for suitable progression.  The idea of starting from the lips and working your way down is not only the most convenient act when you’re standing up, but it serves as a lead way and stimulant to ease intimate interaction.  Take advantage of this sensual introduction.

Allow the opportunity to create an overwhelming sensation that gives you a natural desire to share more of yourself with this individual.  Aim for perfection in the first act and progress from there after you have exhausted all sensations to be shared.

During the progression of stages, there should be true reflection. Reflect on good and bad possibilities. Work to see who you’re dating for who they really are. Only you can weigh the options and possible effects on your life’s progression, so be honest with yourself.  Create a memory that will be lasting, and above all, meaningful to your overall purpose of dating this individual. In other words, take it slow!

Remember: Thoughts before action: Be sensual until sexual.

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Justin L. Mabrie, MBA, is a graduate of Hampton University and native Houstonian. He provides relationship advice based on a traditional yet fresh perspective. Currently living in Qatar, varied aspects of dating are explored through his writings. You may keep up with him through Instagram @jlmabrie