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Love Couple: Chikara & Dwayne Roberts

Bride’s Name: Chikara Roberts

Bride’s Occupation: Human Resources Regional Manager

Groom’s Name: Dwayne Roberts

Groom’s Occupation: Vice President of IT Security

Wedding Date and Location: October 10, 2016 —Myrtle Beach, SC


Tell us your love story:  Bride: As busy professionals who had recently relocated to Chicago for work, we found it difficult to meet other young professionals. Urged by friends and family to consider online dating, we both got subscriptions to and built our profiles. As soon I saw his profile name, “Tokyo.Dwayne,” I was intrigued. We both had worked and lived in Tokyo and had so many similar experiences. We knew we had to meet in person.

When did you know that your partner was the one? Groom: Within the first month of meeting each other, I was sure that she was the one. Bride: Dwayne exceeded all of my expectations and I was thrilled that he was willing to take the lead in our relationship’s progression.

What was your most memorable moment from your wedding day? Bride: Our original destination wedding was set for October 9th in Myrtle Beach—the same weekend that Hurricane Matthew hit the coast. We immediately changed our plans and headed to an early honeymoon in Hawaii where we legally married on October 10th. We were ecstatic that we were able to have the religious ceremony at our original venue with our pastor and most of family and friends there with us a month later, in spite of all of the obstacles in our way. The wedding and the ceremony were unique and memorable and really represented the strength of our love.

What do you love best about one another? Groom: Her smile. Her happiness is my reward. Bride: Dwayne is a true leader and a man’s man, but he loves God and his family. He makes me feel safe and protected at all times.

What’s the key to success in your relationship? Both: We started our relationship with a strong faith in God. We valued the wise words and spiritual guidance of Dwayne’s longtime pastor and the practical advice of Chikara’s parents who have been married for 35 years. With that as a foundation, we each value self-reflection and accountability to work through any challenges we might face.

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