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Love Couple: Bridgette and Michael Hicks

Bride’s Name: Bridgette Hicks

Bride’s Occupation: Fifth Grade Math Teacher

Groom’s Name: Michael Hicks Jr.

Groom’s Occupation: Pharmacy Implementation Manager

Wedding Date and Location: December 10, 2016 —Richardson, TX


Tell us your love story:  Groom: We met back in 2014 at my cousin’s wedding. She was a bridesmaid for her best friend Tomeka who was marrying my cousin. At the time she was dating someone, so nothing happened. When I heard she broke up with her ex, I found her under my cousin’s friends list and messaged her on Facebook. Tomeka told her about me and how I would make a great husband for somebody one day, but she was not listening to her at all. We were friends on Facebook for about seven months before she was ready to move forward. We officially started dating on my birthday in November 2015.

When did you know that your partner was the one?  Both: Our first date didn’t go so well and we didn’t know if we wanted to go further after that, but something on the inside of us told us to go on another date. On the second date, we got to really talk and listen to each other. On that date in the parking lot of Main Event, we hugged. That hug sparked fireworks for us both. From that moment on, we looked at each other differently and both of our guards were down to receive each other’s love. That day we both knew something was something special between us.

What was your most memorable moment from your wedding day? Groom: I surprised her with an engagement and wedding on the same day. I asked her, “Will you marry me today?” She didn’t know she was getting proposed to let alone getting married that same day. Her other best friend Daria Lester and twin sister Brittany Stuart tricked Bridgette into thinking she was in a bridal show. That’s how we got the measurements for her dress.When she got to the venue she thought it was a place for the bridal show, not her own wedding. Our friends were also surprised because I didn’t tell anybody about the wedding except our immediate family members. Everyone was in shock, but also extremely happy for us and our journey to marriage. I felt that if people took the time to come out to our engagement party, they deserved to be at our wedding. All of the planning for six months paid off.

What’s the key to success in your relationship? Both: The key to our relationship is our faith, openness, trust and communication. We pray everyday and we go to church service together. We are open to each other’s opinions and ideas about life. We trust one another to be who God designed us to be.We protect each other from hurt and pain by telling the truth, even if it’s not what each other wants to hear. We communicate about everything from our families to our finances. We don’t always agree, but we always come to an understanding. Our disagreements never turn into arguments.

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