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Baecation: James & Dale

JET loves Black Love. In our newest series, we hear from couples who turned their honeymoon into a permanent voyage. Are you on a baecation? Reach out to us at with the subject line: Baecation.

When Dale’s friend dragged her to a party nearly 20 years ago to keep her from sulking over a failed romance, she had no idea she would meet the man of her dreams. However, James had her at hello and after one year of romantic calls (cue Patra!), the pair made it official and have been keeping their love hot and steamy ever since.


JET: How did you two meet?

Dale: At a holiday party given by a mutual friend. I went to a holiday party with my best friend. I didn’t want to go at all and complained the whole time going there. We rang the door bell and he (James) opened the door and greeted us. He was wearing a pair of light blue jeans that fit his butt very nicely! My best friend Cheri knew him and she introduced us. We talked and danced the entire night! At the end of the party, we exchanged numbers and spoke to each other for a year on the phone because I just finished a relationship and James was still in a relationship. After the year we found that we had so much in common and were both looking and ready for a new relationship.

JET: What was your first vacation together?

Dale: Baltimore Harbor was our first weekend getaway.  We drove from New York to Baltimore and stayed at Hyatt Inner Harbor in a suite. We would walk around the harbor and take boat trips from one side to the next and spent hours sitting outside talking and looking at each other the way new lovers do!  That was about 18-20 years ago. We went back to Baltimore this summer, and while walking the harbor one evening I said to James, “Why does this place look so familiar?” He said, “You forgot this was our first trip as a couple!” The city may have changed, but our new lovers vibe was still the same.

JET: You have adult children, how do you pick vacations that satisfy the entire family?

James and Dale: We like to choose places with good beaches, nightlife, great food and culture so there’s something for everyone. Last family vacation was in Barbados for Christmas. Next family trip will be a cruise on Carnival Vista July 29, 2017!

JET: What’s the best part of traveling with adult children?
James and Dale: Our kids are in their twenties, we love spending time with them! We can have cocktails, go dancing and just hang out. Trevon is 25-years-old and loves the water just like James. So they are always jet skiing and scuba diving. Tameka is 28-year-old, and we like to just hang out at the beach watching them, taking pictures and being the cheerleaders.

JET:  Your travel life has come full circle and now you’re back to traveling (mostly) kid-free, what adventures are you looking forward to experiencing together?
James and Dale: We love all-inclusive adult resorts! Recently we went to the Rio in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and had such a wonderful time! James got his scuba certification while we were there, of course that now means every vacation we go on has to have great scuba!

JET: After years of marriage, how do you keep traveling together fun, fresh, and exciting?
Dale: Vacations are to help you relax and refresh, so we always find things that we both want to, but we also make sure there is time for self. I don’t scuba, but he loves it, so I go do my own thing and he knows I will be around when he gets back. Vacations are also a time where we always try something different, if you know what I mean!

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JET: What’s the most romantic moment you’ve ever had while on vacation?

Dale: In the Bahamas on our honeymoon James just picked me up and twirled me around and told me how happy he was to be my husband. Everyone was watching and smiling at us, but James didn’t see anyone but me.

JET: Why is your partner the perfect travel bae?
Dale: I love spending time with my husband. James is crazy, funny, pushes me outside of my comfort zone, sexy as hell and I know he loves me no matter what! We always aim to have a good time wherever we go and make the most of any situation.

James: My wife is beautiful and takes pride in her appearance. When I have to wait on her I know it will be well worth it. Dale makes me a better person, but she has a crazy side to her too. Sometimes I just shake my head and say “That’s my wifey!”

JET: What advice/tips do you have for other couples on traveling together?
James and Dale: All-inclusive properties are the way to go. Be sure to make time for exploring, but never forget to enjoy each other’s company. Finally, keep it spicy on vacation and always try something different romantically!

JET: Describe your permanent baecation in three words.

James and Dale: Love, Family & Faith