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Love Couple: Helen & Samuel Hosey

Bride’s Name: Helen Hosey

Bride’s Occupation: Retired School Teacher

Groom’s Name: Samuel Hosey

Groom’s Occupation: Retired Pharmacist

Wedding Anniversary Date: June 16, 1956

Celebrating: 60 years of marriage

Tell us your love story. Bride: We met for the first time at my sister’s apartment.

When did each of you know your partner was the one? Both: After about 3 weeks.

What have you learned about marriage over the years? Both: Marriage becomes stronger with time as your love for one another grows. Marriage is a treasure and children are jewels.

What advice would you give to young married couples? Bride: Have love and respect for each other and have aspirations and shared goals. Groom: Marriage is work. You have to want to be married and work at it.

What legacy do you hope your marriage will leave? Both: We want our legacy to be one of longevity and faithfulness.

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