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7 Things Women Wished Men Knew About Sex

6. Romance works wonders.

6. Romance Works Wonders

Movies create this unobtainable depiction of love that leaves most men confused about what it truly means to romance a woman. While most imagine romance to be rose petals strewn across the house, candlelit dinners, sweet music, and slow dancing, the reality is that this is not every woman’s definition of adoration. For some women, coming home after a long day of work to a clean house, a meal, and the kids already in bed is the most romantic gesture in the world.

Effort is a natural aphrodisiac. Ask your woman how you can help ease her load or what she needs to feel empowered enough to get through her week. Take it another step and plan a date night, or spend the evening in bed holding her. The smallest investments will always return the greatest dividends.

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