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7 Things Women Wished Men Knew About Sex

5. Eye candy.

5. Eye Candy

Women are charged with the tiresome responsibility of always having to be visually appealing to men. We are expected to stay in shape, dress sexy, keep our hair tidy, make sure our nails and feet are pretty, and that we are well trimmed and smelling equally delectable. This is no different for women. Sorry, but watching y’all stuff your face with food and chips, slurp down beer while wearing ratty sweats and a t-shirt, and smelling like you haven’t been in water for days does little for us sexually.

We may not place the same emphasis on physical appearance as men, but we do appreciate when you dress it up for us. Ask any woman; nothing is more inviting than when her partner is well groomed, clothes fitted, and we can smell you before you enter the room. It’s okay to get sexy for your woman sometimes. Make her feel good to be on your arm, and in your arms!

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