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7 Things Women Wished Men Knew About Sex

4. No routine, no egos.

4. No Routine, No Egos

Women love sex! Especially, when it is with the right person. We may not always speak up, but we’re no different than men when it comes to our need for versatility and spontaneity. The routine of having intercourse at home, in bed, with the lights dimmed is the fastest way to kill a potentially exciting sex life.

Make a conscious effort to be open about what happens in the bedroom. When you are unwilling to explore with your woman, it stifles her sexually. This rigidness may cause your woman to suppress some sexual fantasies she secretly wants to try with you. Define your boundaries, but be willing to experiment, trying new toys and/or positions.

Leave your egotistical ideal of who should lead outside the bedroom and allow your woman to take control sometimes.

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