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7 Things Women Wished Men Knew About Sex

3. Ask us what we like.

3. Ask What We Like

Listen, just because you have mastered the two pumps and a swirl technique and it drove your past girl(s) wild doesn’t mean that you are even remotely close to your new woman’s g-spot. What worked for you in your last relationship or last sexual encounter may be the biggest turn off in your current relationship. To not speak with your woman about her sexual desires is selfish. Your number one aim should be to tend to her needs first and vice versa.

The only way to make sure you are satisfying your woman is to ask. Step outside of yourself long enough to dialogue with your woman before and after sex. Do this as often as needed.

This is not a complex conversation. Ask her what she likes. Inquire about where she wants to be kissed. Interrogate her about her fantasies and take notes.

Note: It’s OK to ask your woman in the moment if what you are doing feels good to her.

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