JET Love

7 Things Women Wished Men Knew About Sex

2. Slow down.

Nothing turns us off like having a partner who has no self-control. Relax and stop rushing with us. Love making should be an experience. Pretend this is a marathon that you have trained and prepared months for, not a quick sprint to see who can get to the end faster. You will get there, we promise. Trust me, we want to run this race with you, we just want to make sure we get to cross the finish line too.

Most women are not anti-quickie. We understand that life doesn’t always allow you to lay out the red carpet. We are more inclined to give you that fast action before work in the morning if we know that you will compensate us with a full session when you can.

While quickies can be exciting and occasionally necessary, we get absolutely no satisfaction out of being shuffled around in the sheets for three to four minutes while you focus solely on getting what you need. When you are in that moment with your woman, spend more time caressing, kissing, fondling, talking, nibbling, etc., and less time trying to get what you need. The most explosive sex is that which we have allowed to build up to the climax.

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