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7 Things Women Wished Men Knew About Sex

1. Foreplay begins outside of the bedroom.

Foreplay begins outside of the bedroom

“Erotic couples understand that foreplay is not something that you do 5 minutes before sex begins. Foreplay pretty much starts at the end of the previous orgasm.” -Esther Perel

Women hunger for a partner who understands how paramount foreplay is. Women are sensual creatures. The more time you spend with us outside of the bedroom, the more likely you are to yield the positive reward you are seeking. Foreplay can be as simple as a “good morning beautiful” text message.

Balance is fundamental. You have to know when to whisper something nasty in her ear and when to pick up the phone just to hear her voice. You have to be in tune enough to know when she needs tenderness, and when she is yearning for something a little rougher. Make good use of your lips. Kiss her entire body, but don’t slob all over her. Her body is a canvas, don’t be afraid to lay your hands on her artwork. Never disregard her efforts. If your woman puts on something sexy for you, despite how badly you may want her out of that lingerie, take a moment to praise her existence.

The key to foreplay is to be aware of her verbal and nonverbal cues. Even if we do not verbally communicate what we want, our bodies will always tell the truth. Women crave deep passion and to be connected to our partners before the act begins.

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