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7 Things Women Wished Men Knew About Sex

There are inexhaustible sexual possibilities if you involve yourself with a sensual, self-assured, and adventurous woman. The potential for an unrestrained sex life can also be achieved with a bashful, unassuming, and meek female. The willingness of a woman to perform outside of her sexual comfort zone largely depends on her partner. The more secure she feels in the presence of her partner, the more likely it is that she will free herself sexually.

Pressured by Western culture to suppress our fantasies and tame sexual energy, women are not always licensed to express their sexual feelings, or even appreciate sex outside of reproduction and providing pleasure to our partners.

Regardless to how forthright and open she is about her needs, women, both bold and reserved, share some commonalities when it comes to the things they wished men knew about sex. Thank me later.

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