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Trinity “Naomi” McCray: Beauty of the Week

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While most JET Beauties are pretty docile, this issue’s beauty can be seen tackling her opponent down to the ground or putting her rival in a leg lock.

Whichever move she chooses, Trinity “Naomi” McCray is nothing to mess with when she’s in the WWE ring.

The Florida phenom took a break from the ropes to spend some time with JET after her recent Beauty of the Week photo shoot (Check out the 1/6/2014 issue). She dished on everything from her life as a wrestler to her relationship with fellow WWE player Jimmy Uso. Check out our exclusive chat with the rising star.

JET: I don’t know a lot of girls who grow up saying, ‘I want to be in the WWE.’ How did you get into wrestling?

Trinity McCray: I started dancing at the age of 8. I took tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, modern and hip-hop. Actually, after high school, my goal was to join the Alvin Ailey School of Dance. But at the time, my family didn’t have the money available for me to go and, honestly, I was afraid to leave home.

So, I scratched that idea and auditioned for the Orlando Magic as a dancer. I made the team. It was my first professional job. At the time, that was the best gig for me because it kept me home. I was able to work and attend community college, but I always knew that I wanted to be in entertainment.

Then the WWE show and the WWE Divas came to Orlando, and I went to see it live. That is what made me realize the next avenue I wanted to go down.

JET: What did your family and friends think about your new career choice?

TM: Shock. They see me as a graceful dancer. Wrestling is the complete opposite. But they were fully supportive. They love watching me on TV.

JET: This is your fourth year as a Diva. What’s the best part about it?

TM: Being able to perform in front of thousands of people. Being able to feel the energy and the crowd’s reaction causes a definite high. It’s an adrenaline rush that I’ve never gotten anywhere else.

JET: What is your favorite location that you’ve performed in and why?

TM: New York City’s Madison Square Garden, because of the history of the venue.

JET: What is the nicest thing that a fan has ever said to you?

TM: That I inspire girls who never knew about wrestling to become a part of the WWE or just to get in shape.

JET: How often do you work out? Have you had plastic surgery or are you 100-percent natural?

TM: I am 100-percent natural. The funny thing is I hate working out, but three times a week I’ll do 30 minutes of cardio and lift weights. The main thing is eating in moderation. I eat what I want, but I don’t go overboard.

JET: So tell me about the actual show Total Divas? What is it like living your life on camera?

TM: It’s been quite an experience. I’m more reserved and private when it comes to my real life. But when the opportunity came to do the show, I saw it as a way for my fans to get to see me on a personal level. I thought that it was a good opportunity to tell my story.

JET: So how would you describe your personality away from the ring?

TM: I think my character on WWE is an extension of who I really am. I’m cheerful. I’m bubbly and happy. I smile a lot. I am playful and that’s who you will see on Total Divas.

JET: How did you meet your fiancé, Jimmy Uso?

TM: We met in 2009. We both got into WWE around the same time. We’ve been together ever since.

JET: You guys seem to have really great chemistry. How would you characterize your relationship?

TM: He’s my best friend, my supporter and we’re inseparable, seriously.

JET: That’s great. I could tell he was very invested. So tell me a little bit about your history with JET magazine. What’s your earliest childhood memory about JET?

TM: Oh, my gosh! JET goes as far back as I can remember. After school, I would go to my grandmother’s house and she always had a JET magazine. I remember looking through the issues just to see who the JET Beauty was. The women were always so beautiful, and even as a kid I’d think, ‘I want to be like that when I get older.’

JET: That’s great. What advice would you give women who are aspiring to be the Beauty of The Week?

TM: One of my favorite quotes is, ‘Don’t follow your dreams, chase them.’

Click through to see additional photos from our Beauty of the Week shoot and catch Trinity on Total Divas Sundays at 10/9c on E!

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