JET Beauty

Beauty of the Week: Pamela Ricardo

Today’s Beauty of the Week is a woman who lives up to the standards JET set decades ago. This week’s Beauty talks about why she chose to compete and what she hopes to achieve in life.

Name: Pamela Ricardo

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Occupation: Actress

Instagram: @PamelaTheBeauty


Hobbies: Motivational speaking, writing, making fitness videos, coaching child actors for auditions, makeup artistry, modeling, styling friends for events, and watching reruns of A Different World and Being Mary Jane!

Favorite Vacation Location: Hawaii, Savannah, and New York

Why I want to be a JET Beauty: JET has a history of celebrating women of color who care about leaving their mark in this world. As a proud Afro-Latina woman, I have worked and continue to work diligently towards my God-given mission of being a role model and mentor to other young women of color. It is with this purpose that I created The BeautyMark Foundation, with the goal of inspiring young women to leave their mark in the world and to make it a BEAUTIFUL one!