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JET Beauty Of The Week: Meet Summer Wheaton

Meet this LA native whose heating up the real estate market.

Summer’s ambitions first started at school for business at Hampton University. After graduating,  she moved on to work at BET, CBS, Ad Age and  e-commerce trendsetters, Nasty Gal and TopShop. After a few strategic career moves, Summer realized she was gradually becoming a celebrity & social media influencer. She also realized that she wasn’t a 9 to fiver.  Next, she found a mentor at the time was a celebrity Realtor in Beverly Hills. Following the guidance of her mentor Summer took classes, passed the state board test and has now  figured out a way to monetize her celebutante friendships. Today she works in real estate, matching glossy homes for  your favorite professional athletes, actors, musicians and business owners. Clever girl!

Check out our Q & A with Summer Wheaton:

JET: It’s impolite to ask your age, but but are you an 80’s or 90’s baby?

Summer: I’m a 90’s baby, who loves a classic look. I take the trendy pieces and make them timeless. I have 3 closets and a few dressers in my apartment filled with stuff from every era!

JET: Which beauty product is a must have before you leave the house?

Summer: I can’t leave the house without proper chapstick lol I’m currently in love with Dior’s Lip Revitalizer.

JET: What’s daily beauty routine?

Summer: My favorite part of my beauty routine is taking it all off lol. I love washing my face after a long day. My go-to beauty products for face wash is Murad clarifying cleanser and Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme scrub. If I have a blemish I’ll use my Origins charcoal Mask and moisturize with Ponds cold/mattifying cream.

JET: Which app steals most of your mobile data?

Summer: Snapchat is unfortunately my vice lol. There’s no pressure! Unlike IG, you can capture the entire adventure of the day, rather than worrying if your followers like it. 

JET: Who is currently at the top of your Itunes playlist?

Summer: Nav is at the top of my playlist right now.. right before Yuna. — Issa Vibe 🙂 

JET: Pick one to Marry, one to Shag, & one to Kill: Michael B Jordan, Drake, & Odell Beckham J

Summer: Drake understands me lol so I have to marry him – OBJ has a wild side soooo..I mean if the shoe fits lol and there’s just not enough room for Michael B. Jordan, so I’m sad to say I’d have to kill him 🙁

JET: Hardest and most exciting thing about job?

Summer: The most exciting part of my job is that meeting new people and building friendships creates new business every day! I get to travel and have fun with my friends and gain new clients 🙂  

The hardest thing about my job is finding the steady pace..finding a balance and creating longevity within my real estate career. It’s high end short term rentals and sales- not everyone lives on that level. So it’s important for me to keep my clients happy and gain as many new ones as I can!

JET: Favorite person on social media?

Summer: My favorite person on social media?  That’s such a tough one. There are so many beautiful, stylish, entrepreneurial, cool girls on the gram. I cant choose just one lol

JET: Propose a question to next weeks beauty of the week.

Summer: My question for the next beauty is: If you could change one thing about society today, what would it be? 

Just gotta put my shoes on… 👠💄#moneymakingmonday #realestate awaits

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