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Jet Beauty Of The Week: Meet Megan Milan

Get to know Megan Milan the budding actress from Romulus, MI.

She attended Michigan State for two years after high school, where she studied business marketing. The 22-year old beauty moved to NYC over a year year ago to pursue a career in modeling but later got into acting. 

Milan has booked some major gigs since including a music video with Trey Songz, swim ads, catalogues, and brand endorsement deals. Her goal is to help open more doors by showing versatility in her work as well as being a positive role model for young brown girls. She encourages everyone to be themselves, and not confirm to the pressures and norms of society.

Check out our Q & A with Megan after the jump.

JET: A lady never reveals her age but are you an 80’s or 90’s baby?

Megan: I was born in the 90s.

JET: Which fashion trend are you currently OBSESSED with?

Megan: Currently I’m obsessed with two piece sets. I just like the simplicity of it. I have form fitting two pieces in just about every nude/brown shade.  

JET: Which beauty product is a must have before you leave the house?

Megan: I always bring my favorite lipstick with me before I leave the house. Even if I have on lipgloss. It’s like a habit. 

JET: Which app steals most of your mobile data?

Megan: Instagram definitely steals most of my mobile data. For pleasure and work.

JET: Who is currently at the top of your playlist?

Megan: My playlist varies from week to week. I could go from Drake to 21 Savage. Although I will say right now I’m very into an artist named Sabrina Claudio. Check her out if you’re into the “neo soul” vibe. 

JET: Next year Megan will be?

Megan: Next year i will be better than I am this year. I can’t tell what the future holds but I’m always looking to improve myself and my brand. Every year I learn more and more!

JET: Pick one to Marry, one to Shag, & one to Kill: Michael B Jordan, Drake, & Odell Beckham Jr

Megan: I’d definitely marry Drake. I had to google “shag” in the urban dictionary before I answered this question, haha. If it means what I think it does, I’d say shag Drake as well. Now I wouldn’t kill anyone but I’d pass Michael B. and Odell to one of my friends. I just don’t have any attraction toward either one of them. 

JET: Hardest and most exciting thing about job?

Megan: I’d say the hardest thing about acting is the fact that nothing is really guaranteed and everything is last minute. It’s hard to plan things. The most exciting thing is the experiences and perks you get. It makes it all worth it!

JET: Favorite person on social media?

Megan: I enjoy a lot of people on social media, but I actually couldn’t say I have a favorite. I like a lot of the luxury pages. I like to look at things that constantly motivate me. 

JET: Propose a question to next weeks beauty of the week.

Megan: If you could change something about the industry, what would it be and why?

Last week’s JET‘s Beauty Of The Week‘s question.

Summer: My question for the next beauty is: If you could change one thing about society today, what would it be? 

Megan: I honestly wish society was less judgmental. I want people to let others enjoy things and stop minding everyone else’s business. Just let people do what makes them happy in peace.

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