JET Beauty

Beauty of the Week: Daquana Brown

Today’s Beauty of the Week is a woman who lives up to the standards JET set decades ago. This week’s Beauty talks about why she chose to compete and what she hopes to achieve in life.

Name: Daquana Brown

Hometown: Newark, NJ

Occupation: United States Army Sergeant

Instagram: @melaninpop25


Hobbies: Praise dance, singing, writing poetry, working out, cooking , and traveling

Favorite Vacation Location: Italy, Puerto Rico, or Trinidad & Tobago

Why I want to be a JET Beauty: Growing up, I admired the JET Beauties of the Week and wanted to be a model. They embodied intelligence, beauty, and spunk. I want to show my daughter and other young women that it’s OK to be yourself and create your OWN definition of beauty.