JET Beauty

Beauty of the Week: Cicely Pringle

Today’s Beauty of the Week is a woman who lives up to the standards JET set decades ago. This week’s Beauty talks about why she chose to compete and what she hopes to achieve in life.

Name: Cicely Pringle

Hometown: Charleston, SC

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Instagram: @Cicelyserene


Hobbies: Modeling, Acting, Producing and Motivating

Favorite Vacation Location: Atlanta, GA

Why I want to be a JET Beauty: To me, JET has always done a phenomenal job representing the beauty, class and strength in women. I want to do my part to help show other women that their true beauty comes from within and with perseverance, motivation and self-love you can achieve any goal. Becoming a JET Beauty has always been a dream of mine, and I do believe that dreams come true!