JET Beauty

Beauty of the Week: Nakeisha Turk

Name: Nakeisha Turk

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Occupation: Graduate Student and Professional Cheerleader

Nakeisha Turk copy

Hobbies: Shopping, exercising, going out, and spending time with friends and family

Favorite Vacation Location: Italy

Why I want to be a JET Beauty: JET Beauties embody strength, grace, intelligence, outer and most importantly inner beauty. They are excellent role models for young girls, which is something I have always strived to be!

  • kimbrough_cl

    Why doesn't she twitter?

  • Todaytrueme

    Now I'm from K-town and always knew they had beautiful Black Queens there. Went to school with a Turk at AE.

  • Rick

    Check out her talent as a brain surgeon and back door babe at MOM POV.