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Beauty of the Week: Austi Roberts

Beauty of the Week: Austi Roberts


Name: Austi Roberts

Hometown: Marlin, Texas

Occupation: Neonatal Nurse

Career goal: Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Hobbies: Traveling, spending time with family and friends, attending acting classes.

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Instagram: majestic_leo

Twitter: majestic_leo

Why do you want to be a JET Beauty?: I’ve always wanted to be a JET beauty because it showcased educated, classy, ethnic women of all shades, shapes, and backgrounds; who have careers, goals, and self confidence.

What was your first exposure to JET?: I was a young girl in a beauty salon. Afterwards, I use to always turn it to the “Beauty of the Week” in hopes of one day seeing myself.

In 10 years, where do you see yourself?: I see myself working as a nurse practitioner. I also see myself working more as an actress and model, traveling, and just enjoying life.