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Beauty of the Week: Alivia Marie Helm

Alivia Marie Helm

BOW_Alivia Marie Helm 

HOMETOWN: Spingfield, IL   


OCCUPATION: Bartender / Model

CAREER GOAL: “I would love to get contracted with a high end makeup campaign, also move on to television commercials and hosting televised events. In addition, I wouldn’t mind being a celebrity bartender.”

HOBBIES: “I like to workout, eat and cook, but also love trying new things.”


INSTAGRAM: @LivvySweets

WHY SHE WANTS TO BE A JET BEAUTY: “JET recognizes natural beauties who have a lot more to offer than just their looks. Smart women with passion and ambition.”

WHAT JET MEANS TO HER: “Honestly, it means so much. JET has been around since I could remember. I look back at being a kid and opening a JET magazine to the JET Beauty saying I want to be in there. Words can’t express how happy I am to be chosen.”

HER ADVICE FOR ASPIRING BEAUTIES OF THE WEEK: “You never know until you try. All women are beautiful in our own unique way. And JET welcomes diversity.”

HER DREAM DATE: “It would be nice to come home and there is an entire outfit on the bed (including shoes and accessories) with a note saying: ‘Our adventure stars at 7 p.m.’ And the whole evening was planned, all the way from dinner, to the beach, to dessert, and whatever follows!”

THE WORST PICK-UP LINE SHE’S HEARD: “You plus me, minus our clothes, divide your legs and multiply the noise equals a good time…. smh”

IF SHE COULD MEET ANYONE FROM BLACK HISTORY: “I would have to say Maya Angelou. She was a strong woman who was at the forefront for racial empowerment. A celebrated poet, author, educator, and activist. RIP”

HER GUILTY PLEASURE: “Love me some candy! Chewy, sweet, sour, you name it.”

HER CELEBRITY CRUSH: “If I had to pick someone it would be Boris Kodjoe, lol. Beautiful man.”

HER DREAM DESTINATION: “I would like to go to the Bahamas. Gorgeous islands, beach, perfect weather, I would definitely love to take a trip.”

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