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A Winter Storm Jonas Forecast from “The Bassman”


Do you live on the East Coast? Are you debating what to do when Winter Storm Jonas hits? Are TV weather reports confusing you? Well no need to fret. Thanks to the magic of social media, Marcellus “The Bassman” Shepard, afternoon on-air radio host at Baltimore’s WEAA, has just the ticket.

The Bassman released a video predicting the coming inclement weather not based on any meteorological science or equipment, but by the feeling in what he calls “the original barometer.”

“My knees have been hurting like I had my mother-in-law on my back after Thanksgiving dinner,” he says in a deep baritone voice. He also adds having the right equipment like Hennessy, wine and Netflix. Most importantly, he advises to bury the hatchet with wifey if you need to.

“Brothers if you got beef goin’ on with your wife, squash that today because the last thing you want to do is have a woman nagging in your house and you cannot go anywhere for three days,” he says.

In all seriousness folks, this storm is gonna be a doozie for the Eastern Seaboard. Up to two feet of snow is predicted for certain areas and a blizzard warning is extended over 23 states, impacing 86 million people according to The National Weather Service. Road conditions are expected to become icy and hazardous in several states and freezing temperatures are expected throughout the region.