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Hottest Singles Nominee: Paris Hamilton

Paris HamiltonName: 
Paris Hamilton

Age: 25

Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Current Residence: Central, SC

Occupation: Ph.D. Student

What Makes You the Hottest Single?

I am confident and have a lot going for me. I am also extremely motivated, I don’t settle and I am always striving to do better in life and my personal relationships.

What is the Most Outrageous Pick-up Line You’ve Ever Heard?

I think most pick up lines are outrageous, I don’t use them. But the most outrageous one I have heard would have to be, “Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got FINE written all over you.”

What Physical Feature Are You Most Complimented On?

I have been told I have a nice smile, when I smile my dimples show and ladies seem to like that.

What Aspect of Your Personality Gets the Most Kudos?

I am extremely motivated. I am working on getting my Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and I will stay in the lab working till midnight if I have to.

Share One of Your Biggest Secrets to Staying Sexy:

I think dressing well is a huge secret to staying sexy. Being sexy is not just about what you see, but your exterior is the first thing that people judge; I think dressing well gives a wonderful first impression.

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