Hottest Singles

Hottest Singles Nominee: Felicia Pugh

Felicia PughName: Felicia Pugh

Age: 47

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Current Residence: Hiram, GA

Occupation: Social Media Manager

What Makes You the Hottest Single?

My will to never give up on any of my dreams. My ability to remain humble while forging ahead to make sure I maintain happiness in all areas of my life.

What is the Most Outrageous Pick-up Line You’ve Ever Heard?

“That perfume you got on makes me want to start a new relationship with you.”

What Physical Feature Are You Most Complimented On?

My smile.

What Aspect of Your Personality Gets the Most Kudos?

The speaking of my mind with a soft touch and lots of laughter.

Share One of Your Biggest Secrets to Staying Sexy:

Rarely putting on full-face makeup. Also, I only purchase and wear clothing that accentuates the positive.

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