Hottest Singles

Hottest Singles Nominee: Chrishon Lampley

Chrishon LampleyName: Chrishon Lampley

Age: 38

Hometown: Downers Grove, IL

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Occupation: Radio Host/Boutique Manager

What Makes You the Hottest Single?

Determined, giving, loyal, and never give up.

What is the Most Outrageous Pick-up Line You’ve Ever Heard?

“You’re my everything and I don’t even know you.”

What Physical Feature Are You Most Complimented On?

My smile all the time!

What Aspect of Your Personality Gets the Most Kudos?

Always honest and light up the room. My energy attracts people like crazy!

Share One of Your Biggest Secrets to Staying Sexy:

Sexy comes from within and feeling confident. I’m 38 and this is as good as it gets. A glass of wine at night never hurts either.

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