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Hottest Singles Nominee: Antoinette Houston

Antoinette HoustonName: Antoinette Houston

Age: 33

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Current Residence: Lynwood, IL

Occupation: Sr. Software Engineer/Spoken Word Artist

What Makes You the Hottest Single?

I am a fraction of “we,” but that she be me and I’m beautiful, confident, humble and blessed. I think sexiness comes from within and hopefully shines through one’s personality, the way he/she speaks and carries themselves. I am “sexy” not only because I know/appreciate the woman I am, but I also value the woman God is molding me to be. I am ME…and individuality is always sexy.

What is the Most Outrageous Pick-up Line You’ve Ever Heard?

“So when are you going to give me your address, so I can come over and have you model for me?”

What Physical Feature Are You Most Complimented On?

My smile.

What Aspect of Your Personality Gets the Most Kudos?

I think overall, I get kudos for being open enough to wear my heart on my sleeve. I believe the best in people, mainly because I think it’s far too easy to think the worst. Couple this personality trait with my jovial nature and I think that relates to others as a win/win.

Share One of Your Biggest Secrets to Staying Sexy:

Low stress, high metabolism and humility.

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