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Hottest Singles Nominee: Ameshia Cross

Ameshia Cross ChicagoName: Ameshia Cross

Age: 25

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Occupation: Government Employee

What Makes You the Hottest Single?

I’m young, courageous and ambitious and live life with no limits.

What is the Most Outrageous Pick-up Line You’ve Ever Heard?

“We should get together and make Cheerios babies.”

What Physical Feature Are You Most Complimented On?

My legs.

What Aspect of Your Personality Gets the Most Kudos?

My intellect and humor

Share One of Your Biggest Secrets to Staying Sexy:

Staying sexy for me is threefold. Sexy fitness routines such as Zumba and Flirty Girl, dressing well and a balanced skin care routine.

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