Azealia Banks isn’t Here for Nicki Minaj’s Shade

Azealia Banks is no stranger to the clapback or the pop off if we’re being honest, but it seems she might be the righteous injured party in a battle with Nicki Minaj.

Here’s how it all began.  In Minaj’s mobile game she made a reference of “Fan2Sea”, Banks album title, See Below:


Banks followed up with a clap back out of this world (and ocean), leaving the internet buzzing as it read the Barb for absolute filth. Shortly after her response, she deleted her Facebook post but screenshots of course screenshots of the clapback are all over Twitter:

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 2.59.16 PM Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 2.59.07 PM

Twitter has been having a field day.