Teens Organize Sit-In Against Police Brutality

Demonstrators once again gathered in downtown Chicago Monday to protest police violence against African Americans.

Chicago high school students organized the event starting with a sit-in at Millennium Park and a march down Michigan Avenue to Federal Plaza and back to Millennium Park. The mostly peaceful demonstrators of about one thousand started out singing “we shall over come,” as they walked South toward the Art Institute on Michigan. At other times times they chanting  “black lives matter,” while a small contingent in the back chanted “we don’t need no racist pigs.”

Some who gathered held signs listing the names  of people killed due to police violence while others placed black tape over their mouths with the words “black lives matters,” in solidarity with other demonstrations around the country. The group snaked it way through downtown, clogging traffic sometimes blocking intersections full of rush hour commuters.  

The Chicago police, for its part, seemed content to allow the meandering mass to organically flow through the streets with little resistance. There was reportedly one arrest but the charges were not released.




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