Players, Parents Attend 2016 NFL Draft Luncheon

On the eve of the NFL Draft, parents of former, present, and future NFL players and prospects gathered for an exclusive luncheon on Wednesday. The luncheon was an opportunity for parents to network and learn about programs and organizations that will help them manage their son’s success in the National Football League.

The event took place at The Bureau, a space owned by retired football player Israel Idonije, and was hosted by Kimberly Haynes, CEO of the OMBI Group, LLC. Speakers included Israel Idonije, Samuel and Wilma “Char” McNabb (parents of Donovan McNabb), Curtis Randle El (father of Antwaan Randle El, and president of the National Football Players Fathers Association), Euwayne Denise Wayne, (mother of Reggie Wayne, and president of the Professional Football Players Mothers Association), and members of ASGARD Worldwide.

Attendees were given financial advice, dos and don’ts when addressing the media, and were offered support and critical information to help transition as prospective players in and out of the professional football league. Take a look at some of the moments from the draft luncheon below!

Photo Credit: Chan C. Smith

Israel Idonije 2
Israel Idonije

Reggie Howard, Kimberly Haynes, Hannibal Navies
Hannibal Navies, Kimberly Haynes, Reggie Howard

NFPFA members
Members of the NFPFA (National Football Players Father’s Association)

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