In Honor of Those Struck by Breast Cancer

Instead of signing up for a walk in support of breast cancer this year, I, along with two others whose lives have been drastically affected by this deadly disease, decided to take our support a step further.

“Breast Cancer Walk: Making A Difference One Step At A Time,” is a free event created by myself, Tanesha Peeples and Shanetta McKinney-Davis. All of our mothers are survivors, and we’ve lost far too many loved ones to this illness.

We held our first walk on Sunday, in hopes of raising awareness in an under-served community of color. We chose 4700 S. King Drive, one of Chicago’s busiest, urban streets for our walk, as most events related to breast cancer take place in locations where residents have access to quality healthcare.

“Sadly, these communities have limited access to resources and events that further enhance their knowledge of preventative methods—which is why I wanted to host the walk on 47th street,” said Peeples. “It’s important to raise awareness and to celebrate the lives of those who have conquered this deadly illness.”

Roughly 40 survivors, supporters and loved ones participated in our walk to raise awareness, including our mothers. While the crowd wasn’t particularly huge, the mood was one of perseverance. In fact, the event was so well-received that we will host another one next year.

“As we dream about next year’s event, our highest priority is to ensure the event is free for all who wish to participate,” said McKinney-Davis. “As we navigate through the troubled communities of our city, it will be imperative to expand our reach by primarily attracting new stakeholders.”

Our hope is that many decide to become more aware and informed of the effects of breast cancer beyond the scope of October. In memory of those lost and as a sign of encouragement for those who are still fighting this tough battle, here are some photos from the event.


Organizers Tanesha Peeples and Shanetta McKinney-Davis pose with JET Editor Shantell E. Jamison before event.

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