Break “The Cycle” Event

There is no question that relations between the Black community and police are broken, some might say irreparably.  It’s a topic that must be discussed, constantly and prominently.

To that end, Donda’s House (the art-focused non-profit with none other than Dr. Donda West as its muse) and Creative Cypher put together an on-demand screening of “The Cycle,” a short film that beautifully, though tragically, captures the plight of an African American officer struggling to be fair in a patently unfair situation and cycle.

Vice President and Head of Digital, Kyra Kyles, was on the scene on July 11 at technology hub, Blue 1647, in Chicago to take in the film; an engrossing panel featuring the director and producer, Michael Marantz; Justin Rambert, producer; Kelsey Riley, activist and cultural critic; and moderator Che “Rhymefest” Smith, Creative Director and Co-founder of Donda’s House Inc.

The evening started with a poignant introduction by Donda House’s Executive Director Donnie Smith and here are more images of the event courtesy of Juan Anthony Images.

Also, if you want to demand to see the film and set up a screening in your area (which we recommend), here’s how:



“The Cycle” panelists discuss the impact of police brutality at Blue 1647.

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