‘Because of Them, We Can’ Black History Month campaign

"Because of Them, We Can" Black History Month campaign by Eunique Jones Gibson.

By// Mariah Craddick

Photographer Eunique Jones Gibson’s adorable and inspiring Black History Month photo campaign, “Because of Them, We Can,” featuring pint-sized versions of recognizable African-American icons, has gone viral.

“For Black History Month, I wanted to create a campaign that would empower and excite young people about their history and their future in a creative yet relatable way,” the photographer wrote in a post on the official website.

While the campaign was originally supposed to only last the month of February, the photos have gained so much popularity that she plans to keep going.

“There are so many people to pay homage to and so many young and impressionable minds to positively influence…now,” she wrote.

Check out the some stand-outs from the campaign below, then check out to see the rest and for more information.

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